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Implications of setting SSL certificate on connection

Question asked by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by James Ahlborn
According to this article (, once deployed to an Atom the SSL certificate referenced in an HTTP or WS connection is added to the Atom's Java keystore and is therefore "available" to any process or connection running on that Atom that attempts to connect to the same endpoint; the SSL cert is NOT limited to the specific connection/process, correct?

In other words, if you had multiple processes referencing the same connection with an SSL cert, if you only redeployed one of them with an updated certificate the other deployed processes would immediiately benefit from it without having to be redeployed themselves, correct?

Does that also mean if you undeploy the process, the certificate will remain in the Atom's keystore?

Lastly is there any scenario where you would need to add a certificate directly to the Atom's underlying Java runtime?