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Mapping step does not throw exception any longer if message does not fit source profile

Question asked by ThomasNeuhauser8481 on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by ThomasNeuhauser8481
It seems that the behavior of the mapping step recently changed or perhaps I'm missing something.
I'm doing an OData call via the HTTP connector and I expect a specific response that I want to map.
Sometimes the target system does return a response in a different message format.
I've placed a try/catch before my mapping for the standard response because until now, the mapping threw an exception in case the message does not fit the source profile. In the second branch after the try/catch I could then put a mapping for the alternative response.
Currently this process changed its behavior!
I don't get an exception from the mapping step any longer but instead it returns the target profile with empty fields.
Did the behavior of the mapping step change?
Or could this be a setting on atom / environment level, something related to tolerance for profile mismatches?

Any help is highly appreciated :-)

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