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Help with best practices for managing EDI 997s

Question asked by jasonarnold2721 on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by rob.banas
Can someone help me understand the best way to cross link 997s and other edi documents? I am fairly new to Boomi and have a couple partners set up but am struggling a bit with the 997 process. I dont have any mapping set up for inbound 997s and am trying to understand how other people are doing it.

The current situation is: I have an FTP partner, I am picking up 850s on the customers FTP site on their "Outbound" directory. When I send them a document (an 810 for example) the 997 also gets put in to the "Outbound" directory. Currently the process I have configured to pick up the 850s also pick up the 997s since there is no file filter specified in the 850 FTP GET setup. The is causing the 997 doc to fail at the 850 map.

What is the best way to:
1. Route the 997s an an appropriate and usable way
2. Create the proper configuration (document tracking or otherwise) to be able to tie a 997 and (in this case) an 850.