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Groovy best Practices

Question asked by vreddy Employee on Jun 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by donna.vincent743257
It would be extremely beneficial from a custom scripting perspective to  have some documentation and best practices around custom scripting using  Groovy.

Something that I would like to see in terms of documentation using Groovy within BOOMI.

(1) Basic implementation information along with samples. (A simple hello  world example where we are passing in a profile element value with a  corresponding output that is used as an input to another object. How to  pass in parameters, how do we hook into objects defined within the  process, how to access global variables, etc. )

(2) Best practices for code implementation. (As it pertains to writing  Goovy code within the BOOMI environment. Efficiency, things to avoid,  etc.)

(3) Best practices for creating groovy code. (Tools and environments where to best script the methods.)

Anything else that can get a developer started using custom scripting and BOOMI working together.

Frank Fernandez