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Groovy SFTP commands

Question asked by vreddy Employee on Jun 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by richard_moon
I'd like to write a quick groovy script to delete a file on an external SFTP.

The issue is, I cannnot specifiy the the filename dynamically to an SFTP  connector. I need to first verify that th file exists along with  additional files as they must all be run together. I use the sftp get  connector command to get the files then later verify that all the files  are there. After I verify the file I'd like to remove it since I already  have it in a conector. I cant use a get and delete at this time as the  files retreiveved is PO* and there may be other PO* to be processed  later, so get and gelete is a no go. Since I know the filename being  processed, i'd like to write a simple groovy script to delete the file after I've retrived it.

Or better yet, is there a way to dynamically specify a SFTP connector get and delete file name that I havent found?