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For SalesForce upserts, why is the External ID required? I'd like to use the SalesForce object's ID field.

Question asked by TimNeumark118 on Jul 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2011 by pete_mccoy1.3055586893899446E12
I'm doing an Upsert to SalesForce and the External ID field is required. But I don't have an external ID; I have the SalesForce object's ID field (or a null value). Boomi won't allow upserts on the ID?

SalesForce says:

This  call is available for objects if the object has an external ID  field or a  field with the idLookup field  property.

 idLookup Can be used to specify a record in an upsert() call.  The Id field of  each object has this property and some Namefields. There  are exceptions, so check for the property in any object you wish  to upsert()