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Why are connector calls so slow?

Question asked by TehNrd on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2011 by TehNrd
Connector call lookups to seem terribly slow. Obviously no one should expect them to be blazing fast but something doesn’t seem right. I have been doing a lot of testing around this and a connector call to is ranging from 1000ms-1500ms per document. This is also querying against an indexed field in This may not seem that slow but in the world of blazing fast computers and high speed internet connections this actually pretty slow.

In my own testing I have determined the API query to is only taking about 100-150ms. This means all of the difference is something Boomi is doing. This just doesn’t seem right and it would appear there is a massive area for potential performance improvement.

Or maybe I need to tweak some settings to improve performance. This is in a decision shape should that matter. Any suggestions?