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Do you have to build custom error logging for Catch Errors shape?

Question asked by TehNrd on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by TehNrd
Take this scenario for example. Let's say we are performing a connector operation to a server that is notoriously bad for timing out. With no error handing in place this single document will fail and a message will be auto generated for the processes indicating there was a timeout. Cool.

Now let's say we want to be a little more proactive put the Catch Errors shape in front of this operation to catch any errors. Really we just want to use this shape for its retry functionality and the majority of the time this will resolve the issues. But what about the times this document actually goes down the error path of the Catch Errors shape? Do we have to build our own exception method to log this failure or can we just route it right in to a stop shape and the Atom/Atomsphere will be smart and still log the error for this document that failed.

What happens if this error branch is routed directly into a stop shap?