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Does anybody know how to handle discounts when going from SFDC quotes to Netsuite sales orders?

Question asked by MattStryker660 on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by MattStryker660
In SFDC, discounts are a field (percentage) within each individual line item
In NS disocunts are separted line items that apply to the line above them

SFDC has an automatically populated overall discount summary percentage as a standalong quote field which could be pushed as a header discount to SFDC. However, we combine various item types on our orders (services/license etc.) and our discounting is specific per type so we can't use this method.

We currently have a system where SFDC quote data is pulled, converted to a flat file in which disocunts are manually added as lines before the flat file is pushed to NS as a sales order.

The issues are:
Line item order is not retained (which does cause issues for us)
If mulitple lines in an SFDC quote have discounts that are the same percentage, they often disappear
There are issues with the CSV conversion as descriptions (part of the string) have commas etc in them

Has anybody written a SFDC>NS process which retains line item discounting but does not use flat files?