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I am seeing very unusual behavior on Map Saves. Mappings lost or re-assigned. Anyone seen this and know how to stop it?

Question asked by DavidDarnell8041 on Nov 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by mmorthala189353
I have a map to move csv files to NetSuite, on the Sales Order transaction. The map has 3 sections, a "header" section with the majority of data elements mapped, then a "salesTeam list" section with a few items, and the an "Items List" section with all the line item data.  When I map it and save it, upon re-opening the map the mappings are all over the place. about 1/3 of them seem to 'stick' but the rest are sort of wherever. They llok like they have been moved in groups, like a section has just jumped up or down 10 - 30 rows. I un-map and re-map correctly, I save (in fact several times as I work) and when I save and close, upon re-opening, the mapping is screwed up again.  The first time I thought it was my fault, twice I was just very confused, three times I am ready to kick something.  Any ideas about what is wrong?