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What is wrong with this LDAP connection?

Question asked by HaroonBarlas1631 on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by kolson7038251
I am struggling a bit to configure LDAP to query and pull user records. I configured the Boomi connection to the extent I could and then created a simple process, with a Start connector pointing to LDAP (Query operation), and a Stop connector.

Here is the connection criteria:

Server name: <our ldap server>
Port number: 389
use SSL: not selected
user : <a service account username>
pwd : <service account pwd>
LDAP properties file : blank.

Here is the operation:
Connector Action : QUERY
Object : Query a User
Response profile : generated by doing an Import from the above mentioned connection.
Return Application Error Responses : checked
base Object to search from : dc=amer,dc=<companyname>,dc=com

Nothing selected in filters.

Next I created a simple process with an LDAP query as my Start connector and a Stop sign after that. When I run a test, it throws an error saying:

"Embedded Message: Fatal error in Start Shape: Caused by: Input was lost during operation execution "

Also included attachments: