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Questions about Flow Control with Run Individually and Parallel Processing

Question asked by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by Adam Arrowsmith
I have a situation where for a set of documents, I would like each one to be processed individually but concurrently. Is there a way to do this with Flow Control with both Run Individually and Parallel Processing configured?

For example, say the start step returns 10 documents followed by a Flow Control step. If the Flow Control is set to Run Individually, I know it will execute each of those docs through the remaining steps sequentially (i.e. not execute doc #2 until #1 is complete). However if the Flow Control also has Parallel Processing set to 10 units (threads or processes, doesn't matter), will it effectively execute docs #1-10 concurrently in different threads?

Also what is the behavior when the number of documents is greater than the number of units? Does the Flow Control fill up the max number of threads and then dole out additional documents as threads become "available"? In keeping with the previous example, but with 20 documents and 10 threads, would the Flow Control send docs #1-10 to each of 10 threads, hold on to docs #11-20, and then when one of those finishes it would send doc #11?