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I am creating a process where I'd like to delete a record in Salesforce if it no longer exists in a table in Microsoft Dynamics GP. How do I compare a single XML field against data in a Microsoft Dynamics GP Table?

Question asked by DavidCantu5081 on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by EzraKenigsberg2301
I need to know how to compare the value of and XML document from Salesforce against all values of that field present in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Table?  If the value exists in SF and not in MSGP, I'll create a delete function against the master record.  If it does exist in the MSGP table, I'll stop the process.  Any hints on how to set up the decision tree?  I have test data and cannot seem to get the record that is in SF and NOT in MSGP to take the correct decisiton path.