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Sync Account to Customer with Parent Account field from Salesforce to Netsuite

Question asked by NoneNone6341 on Mar 6, 2013
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    I have created boomi process for sync Account(Salesforce) to Customer(Netsuite), it works fine but there is one issue.

    Issue was for didn't find reference of Parent Customer cause of in single process there are multiple records(Parent and Child), so reference didn't found since it is in process for creating, So for resolve this issue I have created two separate process for Account, below are the more details about the same.

    (1) Process is for Account without Parent (it means Accounts which are not contains any Parent Account); by this process all parent accounts will be sync in Netsuite with Custom field of Account Id in the same.

    (2) Another one is for Account with Parent (it means Accounts which are contains Parent Account); now it will process for all child accounts and it will found reference of Customer which was created from above process using Account Id (custom field in Netsuite).
But it will not works some circumstances like,

      For example I have three Accounts in Salesforce
      Customer 1 --> No parent
      Customer 2 -->Customer 1 as parent
      Customer 3 -->Customer 2 as Parent
Customer 1 will sync properly with Netsuite using first process (1), during second process (2) two accounts will try to sync and Customer 2 will sync with Parent Account since Customer 1 was sync from first process (1) but Customer 3 will not sync as Customer 2 is running for the same process.
So how can I resolve this issue, Please help if there is any another way.