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Is there any way to set the initial value of a sequential number being used as a file number?

Question asked by AlanWarnett258 on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by ted.sager
I have a sub-process which creates an file, I use the set properties to assign <filename><sequential-number>.csv I have had to redeploy onto another atom, and the sequential number has reset to (zero) 00000000, I need to make it start at  (4300) 00004300.

You can create a document property, and set parameters.  For the Sequential value you can specify:

Parameter -> Type
Parameter -> Keyname
Parameter -> Fix to Length

But alas -> "Starting Value" and "Looping Value"

Having these additional two parameter settings, would greatly enhance the usability fo the Sequential Value Paramter.....  Or am I missing something

Does anyone know of a way to set a starting value other than ZERO???