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Will the Atom web server timeout on returning to the client?

Question asked by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by James Ahlborn
When a client calls an AtomSphere web services listening process (assume on a local Atom), assuming the client doesn't have a timeout (or a very long one), is there anything in the Atom web server itself that would timeout after some period of time if the process took a very long time to complete and return a response? For example, if a client called an AtomSphere WS process that took an hour to complete (and the client didn't timeout), would the Atom server eventually return the response?

In practice you probably wouldn't design a synchronous web service if it took that long to complete and also there would most likely be routers and switches in between that would have their own timeouts, but I'm curious if the Atom web server itself would timeout. Thanks!