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Sync Opportunity Line Item(Salesforce) to Salesorder Line Item(Netsuite)

Question asked by NoneNone6341 on Apr 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by ElliottKeene3591

I have created boomi process for sync Opportynity Line Item(Salesforce) to Salesorder Line Item(Netsuite), but having an issue for rate field value.

    Item                                                                   Description               Rate     Amount          Tax........ 0EM40000000PMBW

In the snaps, I have passed different rate value and amount for that item but didn't overwrite the values, Rate field is not editable for NS but amount is editable.If I can sync only amount value same as salesforce amount value then it would be good, but I think it will be auto calculate in NS,Please let me know how can I achieve the same.