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Is it possible to invoke an Apex batch job in Salesforce from within a Boomi process?

Question asked by JonathanAdlerstein8591 on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by JonathanAdlerstein8591
I know I can invoke Boomi from Salesforce using an outbound message (with SOA), but can I go the other way around? I'd like to kick off a batch apex job once a Boomi Process has successfully completed.

As an alternative I thought of having Boomi update a Custom Setting or other "dummy" field in SF which the scheduled batch Apex could check before running. The downside to this is if the Boomi process has not yet completed successfully the Apex won't run again for another 24 hours (assuming I have it scheduled once a day). Scheduling it more frequently is not really an option since we can only schedule up to 25 per day.