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Use the same job for delta and full extract

Question asked by VikramKapoor8611 on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by VikramKapoor8611
     I am trying to design a job that would do delta extract from SFDC to Oracle table. Now sometimes we may run out of sync and will have to do a full load (also during the start). I want to use the same job I created for delta load for full load and let datastage take care of whether it has to do insert or update. Is there a way I can set some parameter and change it so that job would run delta when parameter is lets say ‘D’ and full when parameter is ‘F’.

     Currently I am thinking, I will create a config table in oracle which will look for load_type, if it is ‘D’, it will go 1 day back (by setting dynamic process property) else it will go till the start and fetch data from SFDC. This way I can control the delta vs full from my database. With this I will loose the functionality of delta with last successful runtime. 

     Please let me know if there are any better way of doing this