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How can I use geocoding data to return a zip code and update our ERP?

Question asked by MatthewMolyneux8621 Employee on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by Steven_Margulis
This question was raised to our Elite TLC team recently on a call with a Senior Integration Developer contact for a high-volume Transportation company. He already had a really good idea of how it could work with AtomSphere, the challenge was finding a service he could use for calling a reverse Geocoding lookup using latitude (LAT) and longitude (LON) resulting in the corresponding zip code. Once he had the zip code it could then be inserted into the ERP for displaying of near real-time locations through the normal processing of his X12 EDI 214 data (Transportation Carrier Shipment Status).

He initially investigated the Google Maps API for this service but its use is limited to within Google Maps only. After some additional exploration he discovered, a web service that enables the use of geocodes for reverse lookup of zip codes.

How does this process work?

In a two-branch process the inbound 214 EDI profile elements for LAT and LON are mapped in branch one with a function formatting the values and then passing them to a temporary file structure. The resulting file values are then used as parameters to query the API with a HTTP connector. The HTTP response (XML) is mapped to another temporary file consisting of ZIP, LAT and LON. These values are passed to a Document Cache step. Down branch two, the full contents of the 214 EDI are mapped the ERP profile (database) with a function that retrieves the zip code from Cache using the LAT/LON parameters.

Our customer has made himself a AtomSphere hero in his company's eyes and our as well. This Transportation company can now easily track locations of their fleet directly within their ERP. Nice work!

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