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Question on parameter output via "Program Command" shape to SQL

Question asked by GaryBernard5601 on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by steve_posch
I am currently using a "Program Command" shape to run a stored SQL procedure to generate Email. The process is working, but seems to have a restriction that is not encountered by any of the other systems in house using this procedure. Basicly I am forced to send the Email as one giant text block with no line breaks. It appears that Boomi may be doing something unwelcome on the output side regarding the parameter for the email body. Here is an example of what I mean:

Greetings. This is a multi-line formatted test to see if Boomi and P21 will resect Groovy formatting. The test values Follow: test1 = Uberval1, test2 = Superval2, test3 = Sidekickval3 Thank you for your attention.

This works fine with no line breaks. Now if I pop an Ascii chararacter 13 into the message after greetings, this is what I get:


This same technique works fine for everything else that uses this stored proceduce. My question is, what is Boomi doing when it encounters a new line character mid-parameter? And is there any way to supress it? Things are definitely usable as is, but it would be nice to do some formatting that looks more professional. Thanks very much for your help.