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Hi.... I am trying to develop an map with source being xml IDOC to destination customer XML

Question asked by GirishRadhakrihsna1371 on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by Adam Arrowsmith

As shown in the image above, ORDER_NOTE_SEG is being mapped frm E1TXTP8 . The NOTTXT is specifically mapped from E1TXTP8 .TDLINE

The MAX LENGHT allowed for NOTTXT is only 40 characters as per the customer schema ( we can't modify it ). and also now we are concatenating all E1TXTP8 .TDLINE using document property and trimming the resultant for only 40 characters.

But the customers is asking us to send in all the information by splitting the concatenated data into 40 characters string each and more specifically E1TXTP8 .TDLINE is dynamic in nature and is not static information.

How to achive this ? Is this something related to arrays ? first concatenate the data and split the data into 40 characters each and store into an array ? if yes how to achieve this ? and also we wont be knowing the exact length of TDLINE before.

Expected output may look something like this below.
        <NOTTXT>Please ship all deliveries under 70kg to</NOTTXT>
        <NOTTXT>Wick Hill via DHL Account No., 95478082</NOTTXT>
        <NOTTXT>5 ((international Logistics Group), ***A</NOTTXT>
        <NOTTXT>ny Deliveries over 300kg should be notif</NOTTXT>
        <NOTTXT>ied to, and w</NOTTXT>
        <NOTTXT>e will advise next course of action***</NOTTXT>

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Girish R