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Parametric SOAP connectors? (a real world scenario + licensing question)

Question asked by SimoneAvogadro2271 on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by jorge.hernandez600035
We have a real world example with another tool and we are now considering the migration to boomi.
In order to do this we have two possibile problems:
 - technical
 - licensing

the existing process is as follows:
 - start every day at 23:50
 - read all the tuples of the "producers" table which has columns: endpoint URL, username, password
 - for each row in the dataset call the endpoint url
     - save the resulting prices (item_id, price) in a "prices" table

I don't see an direct way to map this to a process since I cannot call a SOAP connector passing in the endpoint and auth parameters
As far as I can see from the documentation maybe we could write a custom connector but...:
 - I'm not sure this would allow us to solve the problem (and moreover this would have big impact on the migration effort)
 - even if we develop a custom connector: isn't this against some of the boomi licensing terms? to most extents this is a way to have N endpoints connected using a single connector