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Unable to pass Process Properties to Boomi via REST API. Any advice?

Question asked by NathanWisman1191 on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2013 by NathanWisman1191
I want to run a Boomi Process via the REST API, and this process requires Process Property values to be included. However, after trying many different options, I cannot get Boomi to recognize my process properties.

Here's the XML I'm sending via cURL:
<ProcessExecutionRequest processId="processid" atomId="atomid" xmlns="">

     This runs the process just fine. However, never for the dates specified. I've tried many different flavors of this XML and have also tried it using the boomi-ruby gem, but with no luck. Even if I provide junk process property names (that don't actually exist in Boomi), the Process just runs using the default process property settings that I entered in the UI.

     Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.