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Create Connection for ASMX Web services

Question asked by ThayaparanSarangan5101 on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by ThayaparanSarangan5101
I need to create a connection for ASMX Web Service URL

therefore i have created a new process connector as Web Services SOAP Client and gave the Connection details as follow:


WSDL Url : server/Customer/Customer.asmx?WSDL (Sample URL)
User : User Name
Password : Password


successfully Received the objects and created the Operation

When i Run a Test its shows the following message in the XML file:

<Message>Connection is invalid, please login first.</Message>

The Reason is there we have a separate Web Service URL for Login (server/Login.Login.asmx)

Can we create two connections in one Process "Start Shape Connection is for Login and Next Step Connection is for Customer"

Is there any solution available for this issue?