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Is it possible to configure log files?

Question asked by amelia.ross on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by ted.sager
This question came from our customer, Constant Contact:

Boomi writes to log files under <installdir>/logs. There are the container logs, named

And the task logs, which seem to be named after the tasks themselves. We use scribe to collect our log files to a central location and view them in splunk. Generally we tail the log file and send that data to a scribe file. That would not work here, because the name of any log file changes every day. In addition, for the task logs, we have to update our configuration whenever a task is added or removed.
Rather than adapt our system, I would like to configure Boomi to either:
  •           Write current logs to a file without the date pre/post-fix.
  •           Send logs directly to the scribe server with the org.smallmind.scribe.apache.CommonsLogWrapper
I see that Boomi uses apache commons-logging. Would it be possible to configure this behavior from a file?