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X12 Identifier Instance generates extra segment

Question asked by JeffPihl1891 on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by JeffPihl1891
     I have an EDI 940 profie with a 0100 loop which contains N1 N3 N4 and PER segments. I created two instances: 0100 Loop [N101=ST] and 0100 Loop [N101=MA] and mapped the data fields of my sales order to the 0100 Loop [N101=ST] elements. The resulting output has an extra/bogus N1 segment:

          N1*ST*Direct BoomiTEST
          N3*1 DO NOT SHIP*2 DO NOT SHIP
          PER*RE*Direct BoomiTEST*TE*(123) 456-7890

I've made sure that the base 0100 loop segments are not being mapped and currently the 0100 Loop [N101=MA] is not being mapped. Any ideas?