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How to configure a) a molecule to have JMS listeners running on all attached atoms and b) not to create too may concurrently executing JMS listener process instances.

Question asked by RolandTucci4641 on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by James Ahlborn

we have an interface where ActiveMQ is the transport system for requests from thousands of clients and a Boomi process to answer these requests. This is working fine in isolated test environment and for a small number of clients but it does not scale very well.

Our infrastructure consists of molecules with multiple atoms where load-balancing for web services is working fine. I'm now looking for a configuration to get a similar set-up to enable JMS listener processes to execute on all attached atoms (conurrent execution is enabled).
Additionally I need some throttling mechanisms to prevent from overloading an individual atom by all these concurrently executing process instances. There is no way to prevent the clients to create request storms, so the atom needs to deal with this. Preferably this should be a property to specify the maximum number of concurrent processes with the effect that if this limit is reached, the JMS Listener should suspend consuming further messages until some executing instances have completed.

Thanks for any hints on these two topics