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Null Pointer Exception after SalesForce Connector call returns zero documents

Question asked by DivakaraKrishnamurthy3571 on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by DivakaraKrishnamurthy3571


     We have process which calls SalesForce Connector which tries to get the records based on some filter conditions. If the filter criteria matches, then it will bring the documents. If not, 0 records are returned. In the "TEST Mode" it works fine. But in the "Deployment Mode" where scheduled to run for every hour, is failing whenever 0 records are returned. As per my understanding if 0 records are returned by any connector, the execution will NOT continue after the connector calls. But in this case, it continues with the next component (which is a map component) and fails stating that "BAD_PRACTICE" to pass 0 documents to map component and throws null pointer exception. 

     I have logged a case with Boomi about this behavior as deployed process failing, but the conversation is going nowhere. If you have any suggestion/solution please let me know as it is pending for long time.