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How exactly does NetSuite concurrent processing work?

Question asked by StevenButtgereit4371 on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by ted.sager

We're about to implement NetSuite's SuiteCloud+ to enable us to parallelize our NetSuite processing.  The connector configuration, etc. is clear to us, but what is not clear (and may affect the viability of our effort) is how the Boomi product utilizes the multiple queues.  We don't have a testbed yet and so are asking the question.

When a connector is configured for multiple connections back to NetSuite, do the connections get allocated on a per-process basis or can multiple connections be use to parallelize calls made by a single connection operation?  The case I'm thinking of is when you have a NetSuite query that returns more than 200 records... NetSuite will force those to be retrieved in a 'paged' fashion; do the mutiple connections get used to retrive available query pages in parallel?  

Our concern is that we export data from NetSuite where later queried data relies on earlier queried data (for example, it's not helpful to get a sales order before we have the customer record that the sales order belongs to).  Our concern is that if the paralllelism that's available is only per process and the process runs are independent, then we have to build in a governance layer of our own to ensure that a slow running process doesn't get outpaced by a faster one and thus break the inter-record dependencies.  Any one connection operation step, however, can be paralllelized without risk (usually).