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Problem with JMS connector listening to a topic not finding the queue

Question asked by ahh1 on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by mike_aronson
We are using JMS with Oracle AQ.  I deploy my processes and have my destinations configured to point to my topics.   Have tried 2 configurations topic:queuename and topic:owner.queuename.  In both cases the pending events are not picked up.  When I look at the container logs it indicates that the queues cannot be found.  When using the topic:queuename alone it says the queue cannot be found but prefaces the queue name with what i believe is the container user.  When I use the topic:owner.queuename it says it cannot find that queue.  I have verified the queues, queue tables, subscribers etc are all setup correctly. We are using the most recent version of the JMS connector and using this using Oracle AQ.

For instance:

Database say HOSTCITD has the queues and queue table defined on them
JMS AQ Connection connects to the HOSTCITD db with the proper creds
JMS Operation sets destination to say topic:BUILDING_EVENT_Q or tried topic:KFS_FS_INTF.BUILDING_EVENT_Q and in both cases they are not found.

Any help would be appreciated.  It appears that for some reason the listener will only listen on one database we have. One that is an Oracle 12c db, the rest of the databases are 11g.  The endorsed and userlibs have the necessary jars for 11g and 12c I am told and are setup correctly in the classpath in the correct vmoptions file.

Not sure how clear this is but I hope there is some clarity someone can bring to this issue.  Everything is in place and correct but the listener cannot find the queue on the configured database (connector and operation are correct).