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Cleanse shape can't be used to check for XML segment mandatory ??

Question asked by GirishRadhakrihsna1371 on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by mplatt168095
I have a process which converts an input XML to output XML, after conversion i have used clensing shape to check for the xml validation.

But i noticied that cleansing does not support checking of mandatory segments ? it only supports checking for fields inside segment, Minlength, Maxlength.

How to make use of Cleanse shape to check for Mandatory SEGMENT ??

I Know we can make use of business rules validation before translation and reject the document .But i wanted to achieve using Cleansing .

As shown in the image below, i want to check whether cleasing wil be able to check the subscriber segment as mandatory and reject the documents without subscriber block.
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