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Can I set a dynamic From Address for a Mail Connector?

Question asked by TajudeenKaja8661 on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by mallikarjun.ratala563207

I need to send Emails using Boomi, on behalf of an external application. Part of the requirment is that the From Address in the mail is the email of the Calling application. Now I ve noticed in the Mail Operation (Send) there is an option to set the parameter "From Address". I tried passing a value from input recieved from the external application to this field but the mail is posted with the account address of that specified in the Mail connector.

Now it makes sense that Boomi only uses the address of that which the connector is configured to use (hence preventing an Boomi to mimic other application or account) but then why is the From Address field parameterised in teh connector operation if its always going to use the Mail address specified in the connector.

I may be missing something in my understanding here