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EDI registered document type ANPROD to connect trading partner

Question asked by SimoneAvogadro2271 on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by MindMercatis2041
we need to setup a connection with a trading partner using documents with document type ANPROD
The specification requires to send EDI messages as this diagram shows (in Italian, Produttore means Producer and Distributore is Distributor):

          One is expected to select the document type from "registered document types" in the trading partner's document type tab. However, the first document type, ANPROD, is not listed. 
     ANPROD is a message type created for Euritmo. Euritmo is an Italian Web-EDI project based on GS1 standards, developed by Indicod-Ecr. ANPROD stands for anagrafica prodotti (product registry). For the sake of completeness, although in Italian, here's the documentation:
Concluding, I ask you if and how we could add the ANPROD document type to the registered document types. The document profile will be created ad hoc. We found no solutions in the documentation or community.