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How can I add Identifier Instance for qualifier from a list of values?

Question asked by TajudeenKaja8661 on Jul 15, 2014
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I am trying to work on a complex xml profile wherein in the map I need to fetch a xml value that is one of 7 possible values (list of possible values could vary in the future)  and pass it onto a custom script. Now I understand I can have an Identifier Instance with multiple Qualifiers that work as an AND condition 
(For eg: ID [ID=123,type=abcType] where the map filter the ID whose type is "abcType and value is "123) , but I am looking for a solution where the map filters the field if the value belongs to a certain list of values and ignore if it does not belong to that list. (For eg: ID [ID=123 or 345 or 456] where the map should ignore the ID whose value is 453 or any other value which is not 123 or 345 or 456)

I also believe that this can be addressed by using a custom script but the issue I am facing here is that the xml has multiple ID fields on the same hierarchical level and I am unable to pass the right fields to script as only one of the List of IDs is passed into the script
(For eg :
     <ns1:ID ns1:type="abcType">123</ns1:ID>
     <ns1:ID ns1:type="abcType">453</ns1:ID>
     <ns1:ID ns1:type="notabcType">972</ns1:ID>

     Hope the question is clear, thats the best I could do to explain the challenge i am facing, any suggestions would help