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SAP IDOC mapping - single comment

Question asked by GuiManders421 on Jul 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2014 by GuiManders421

I am creating a Sales Order IDOC for SAP. The source XML data structure looks like this:




In the example I am testing, there are 3 line items in the source (1 header segment, 3 lineitem segments).


The issue I'm having is that each line item generated in the SAP IDOC has all 3 comment lines (from each item). This is one of the line item segments on the IDOC:


    <E1EDP01 SEGMENT="1">
      <E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
      <E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
      <E1EDPT1 SEGMENT="1">
        <E1EDPT2 SEGMENT="1">
          <TDLINE>first comment</TDLINE>
        <E1EDPT2 SEGMENT="1">
          <TDLINE>second comment</TDLINE>
        <E1EDPT2 SEGMENT="1">
          <TDLINE>third comment</TDLINE>
      <E1EDP19 SEGMENT="1">


Since this is the first item, only "first" comment segment should be generated. The subsequent 2 line items on the IDOC also have all 3 comments from each item. How do I make sure each line only receives their respective comment?