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How to set a process execution to erronous in Boomi log although it was processed fine?

Question asked by ThomasNeuhauser8481 on Aug 20, 2014
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How can I set a process execution to erronous in the Boomi log, although the process execution was ok?


Background is, that I catch technical errors in the process, return generic error information in the response of the received synchronous SOAP call, but to ease identification of the erronous process run in Boomi, I'd like to set the whole execution to red with an error message.
Since I successfully returned a response and catched all exceptions, the process itself runs fine and in the Boomi log it appears with green traffic light which makes it easy to find the one run with errors.


Using a notify shape with message type "error" didn't do it. The message appears in the log of the process execution, but the status is displayed with green traffic light.
When I use an exception shape, the response is not sent because the whole process execution is aborted.


I'm stuck.
Any ideas?