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Is it/Will it be possible to use different authentication schemes on the same atom/molecule?

Question asked by BjarkeHansen4421 on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by BjarkeHansen4421
If different authentication schemes are needed for different web services accessing local resources, is the only solution to deploy to different atoms?
In the reference guide, I found that the answer is 'yes', unless you deploy on a cloud, where I guess 'Authentication Type' will become active (see screengrab below).

Is there a workaround?

My initial thought is to configure a local atom to use e.g. client certificate authentication. For web services requiring other authentication types, I will use the Boomi atom cloud as a proxy.

From -
"For Atoms and Molecules, the authentication type selected here is used by all ports added to this web services server. For Clouds, each port that is added can use the NONE, BASIC or CLIENT CERTIFICATE authentication types. The Cloud owner’s account can then select any one of the authentication types used by its ports as the Cloud’s authentication type."