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Why does a SQL server database insert beyond a certain length result in a connection reset?

Question asked by MattKnoop7631 on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by Adam Arrowsmith

I have configured Boomi to connect to our instance of Azure SQL server. I have started to encounter an error when I attempt to insert a record with a text field of approximately 6000 characters. What is curious is that this query executes successfully from SQL server management studio. My connector and maps within Boomi are configured correctly, I have been able to successfully insert a shorter message of approximately 300 characters within Boomi.

6500 character failed in Boomi with the following error

"I/O Error: Connection Reset; Caused by: Connection reset"

355 character record was successful in Boomi

I have tried all the available settings in the connector (with and without connection pooling etc). At this time I am the only user of this table in the database.

Why does a database inserts beyond a certain length result in a connection reset?