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Advice needed on working with a CSV that has 5 fixed columns then N columns of values.

Question asked by GarethHughes8951 on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by Adam Arrowsmith
I work in the payroll world and a classic spreadsheet for pay is called a Gross To Net (G2N). You have 5 or so fixed columns followed by N columns of money each with the title of a paycode. ie it breaks down everyone's pay into all the little components you see on your payslip. So you never know what columns you'll get. I want to use Boomi for translating the G2N produced by other payroll systems into the G2N format ours needs to import the data
I'd like to process these and do things based on the column headings where I'm not sure I can set up the profile for all these columns.

if a column is called Salary, add to a column called Basic Pay.
If a column is called Expenses, turn it in a negative number.
if a column is called Bonus, delete it.

As a Java development team we have a lot of Java code for dealing with these spreadsheets, so I suspect I'm directly into Groovy territory and needing to process them there. (I've coded Groovy in this thing before so will be fine with getting up and running)

Before I head off, I just wondered if there were any magic features elsewhere that would be handy? Anything in Maps for handling unknown columns etc?

thanks a lot