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How to enable HTTPS (SSL) for boomi rest services on local test environment

Question asked by PrafullaPatil236 on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by PrafullaPatil236
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I created simple rest service and its working fine with endpoint http://MY_ATOM_HOST:9090/ws/simple/getResult, but I want to use
https://MY_ATOM_HOST:9090/ws/simple/getResult (https), as the client calling this service needs https.


This is my local atom in test environment.


I created SSL port in shared web server settings in my atom and port is 9094, I tried 9093 as well SSL box is checked, it still doesnt work, is there anything I am missing here?


I did not select SSL certificate, do I need it ? if yes where can I find one ?