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Converting to a FFP where data is sometimes stored as columns AND rows

Question asked by ElliottKeene3591 on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by ElliottKeene3591

Essentially I have a Sales Order .csv which is exported out of a customers portal and holds data in a really horrible format. So this is an example of how selected sample data looks:

Customer ID, 2331
Address 1, 500 Vauxhall Road
Address 2, Brentwood
City, London
Country, England

Item Number, Quantity, Cost
637466, 30, 9

Does anyone have any ideas whether this is actually be possible to convert to a suitable Flat File Profile so I can process it into NetSuite in a further step?

(I did some digging and I believe the following question is basically the same as mine, I'm just hoping the final outcome of not being able to come to a solution is different -