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I am unable to update customer in Netsuite Account from Salesforce using dell boomi,I want to know send Action has been given in Netsuite Using Dell Boomi Connector?

Question asked by CateLipka4341 on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by CateLipka4341
I am using Dell Boomi for Netsuite Integration Purpose.I am unable to update customer in Netsuite Account fromSalesforce using dell boomi,Actually I want to transform salesforce account data like account or phone filed  inNetsuite using Dell Boomi. I have seen a video tutorial related to my problem or concern. In the given video there isSend Action is used or there is also one thing i.e. Add action had given but in dell boomi account there is no such type of option will be provided. i have sent you a screenshot of both my test account(1.png) or the video(2.png)  & even i also attached the error screenshot (error update netsuite)
but when we integrate Netsuite using Get Action it will run fine,basically problem facing in Netsuite Update or Create Option.
       Kindly assist me as earliest as possible. 0EM40000000brBI0EM40000000brBN