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I have a field represented in ISO 8601 and I'd like to convert this to Hours and Minutes : E.g PT8H = 8.00 PT6H30M = 6.50 - is there a BOOMI function to convert the field - I can't seem to get a GROOVY or Javascript conversion to work

Question asked by PhilHobbs8491 on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by ted.sager
Hi All,
I'm converting data from a web service to a flat file.
In the Web Service XML, time is represented in the ISO 8601 format however in the Flat File we want time to be represented in HH:MM
PT8H = 8.00
PT6H30M = 6.50 or 6.30
I have looked at the date / time categories and tried some java script in the mapping but this didn't work.
Anyone else converted this XML time format into decimal?