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Splitting Sales Order up into two documents based on Currency and Importing into NetSuite

Question asked by ElliottKeene3591 on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by ElliottKeene3591
Hi all. Essentially I've created 2 processes for entering Sales Orders into NetSuite; one for orders with a currency of USD, and another for all other currencies. We receive CSV files with orders on of all kinds of currencies in the same document, so at the moment during testing I'm splitting them up manually into orders of USD, and then orders of not USD. This is because the two map steps of the CSV into an XML format for NetSuite contain a lot of default values for forms, locations, subsidiaries etc.

I'm struggling to find an automatic way of splitting them up based on a currency element of either 'USD' or 'not USD'. This is what I have so far with the help of support, however splitting the file up by line works, but when there's 3 lines of data for one single order, we get 3 orders with a single line, rather than a single order with 3 lines. I'm not exactly sure how to effective use the 'combine document' process given than the output profile from the two mapping steps are different profiles.


Any ideas would be grand.