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How do I view the detailed logging for a subflow?

Question asked by GarethHughes8951 on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by jon_brams809399

I have sub-processed all the main logic of a process so that I can run it one of two ways as I develop and test it:

  • Live - hit a REST API, map the output (JSON, representing 120 results) to XML and FTP to our customer
  • Test - load a file with a sample of JSON with 3 results and process etc.

But now all the interesting work and our complex Map is in the sub-process I do see how to get any logging and I cannot click through each step of the Sub-Process in Build mode. When I deploy to an Atom and run, I get no detailed logging from the sub-process. This is not useful.


Is my alternative possible?
- have a decision at the front of the Process to fork on whether the Process is running in "Test Mode" and then hit the REST or load a file.
ie is there such a thing as Test Mode or Debug mode?


First question, so please can someone point out that I'm missing something.
Many thanks