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Coupon Code in NetSuite

Question asked by ElliottKeene3591 on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Adam Arrowsmith
In NetSuite there is a standard field called 'couponcode' that is used for single use coupons that are set up. This is next to the 'promocode' and 'discountitem' fields. When a valid coupon code is entered, the sales order total will alter to reflect the rate of the coupon code, as will the 'discount total' price field to show how much the coupon was worth.


This has always been in NetSuite, but I reimported the XML profile regardless just so it's as updated as possible. I drilled down into every single possible element in the XML profile and there was nothing on Coupons or codes. 

Has anyone experienced bringing in a coupon code into a NetSuite Sales Orders before?