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NetSuite Sale Order - Bringing through custom rate for an item

Question asked by ElliottKeene3591 on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by ElliottKeene3591

Hi all,


The use case is CSV Sales Order imports into NetSuite where the CSV contains item details, price and quantity.


At the moment all items in NetSuite have standard prices, however for certain customers we have custom price lists which is reflected in the unit price in the CSV file containing the sales order. We're unable to import the new personalised unit price into NetSuite from the Sales Order CSV file, as to edit a unit price in NetSuite, the 'Price Level' field needs to be set to 'Custom', which in turn makes the unit price field available for edit. I've tried setting the default Price Level value on the NetSuite XML to 'Custom', '_Custom', '_custom', every type of custom you can think of, but its still not importing the correct unit prices - I'm unsure the correct value to use.


Price Levels do have internal ID's, however Custom doesn't have one, it's just an option you select to un-gray the unit price box so we can edit it when editing a sales order in NetSuite.


Has anyone encountered this before, and found a way around it? At the moment we're able to multiple the item unit price and the item quantity to automatically work out the total price, but inaccurate unit prices brings a lot of questions from customers on the invoices as well as a host of other things beind te scenes being wrong.


Below is a screenshot of the pricelevel needing to be set to Custom to be able to modify a price, which I believe is stopping the NetSuite CSV import from overwriting the value in the Rate field.