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Find Changes path choices: incorrectly sending down delete path?

Question asked by EvanTrimble2071 on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by EvanTrimble2071

I'm testing a Find Changes integration and seeing very weird behavior of the Add/Update/Delete routing. During the first execution, records got routed as expected. In subsequent executions, many records are going down the delete path, only to get re-added in the next execution. I've many records get added/deleted 2 or even 3 times. 

I'm thinking there must be something wrong with my document flow coming in to Find Changes, but there is literally nothing before the between it and the Salesforce GET that initiates the process. In all of the executions described above, the document count from that GET has been indentical.

Any ideas on root cause or approches to troubleshoot?