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Namespace declarations disappear causing a null pointer exception

Question asked by BjarkeHansen4421 on Sep 23, 2015
When creating an XML profile with a namespace declaration on the root object, the namespace declaration disappears in the GUI.
Step by step:
  1. Create an XML profile with a root object and several elements.
  2. In Types, add a Namespace.
  3. Add a namespace declaration on the root object (Request).
  4. Set the namespace on the root object to the declared namespace.
Everything is okay for now but when I reopen the profile, the namespace declaration is missing while the namespace is still chosen for the root object (Figure 1).
If I save and run the process, I get a null pointer exception.
When I try to add a new namespace declaration, the ‘Choose Namespace’ dialog doesn’t close upon clicking ‘OK’. However, I am able to choose multiple namespaces for the object (Figure 2). I.e., as many namespaces as times I pressed ‘OK’ on the chose ‘Choose Namespace’ dialog.
My workaround so far is to create a new profile each time I need to make a change to the profile.

Figure 1
Figure 2